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  • hemorrhoids vs anal warts

    Anal Warts & Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissure – Treatment & Symptoms

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    Experiencing Pains 'in the Buttock'? One of the most typical health conditions confused with hemorrhoids is anal warts. They are sorta the same… yet they stem from entirely different causes and therefore are treated in very different methods. Anal warts
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  • Annual Checkups, Health Screenings

    #NewYearNewYou – Annual Checkups, Health Screenings

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    New Year - Annual Checkups, Health Screenings You’re in good health. You physically feel fine. No colds and other medical ailments to date. So, why should you see a doctor and/or specialist for annual check-up, testings or screenings?  Getting annual
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  • Anal Sex Myths - Cancer, Infections

    Anal Sex Myths – Cancer, Infections & Prevention

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    ANAL SEX - Hidden Taboo... No More. Anal sex was once a thing of hidden or shunned mystery indulged by a select few. However, anal sex is no longer quite the dreaded dark hidden taboo it once was. An estimated 90%
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  • Top Anal Cancer Myths

    Top Anal Cancer Myths – HPV Video

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    Anal sex is no longer quite the dreaded dark hidden taboo it once was. Not only has society become more accepting of the evolving relationships involving the same sex, but more heterosexual people are trying it and enjoying it more
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  • casual-sex-vs-commitment-sex-1

    Casual Sex vs Relationship Sex

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    SEX - just as individuals, comes in all different shapes, sizes and types. From the start, as men and women, we’re wired differently and our manners in how we approach sex are as complex. In today’s world of choices, there’s
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  • Lawrence Jaeger Scholastic Achievement

    The Lawrence Jaeger – Scholastic Achievement Award

    Posted by Lawrence Jaeger .

    The Lawrence Jaeger -  Scholastic Achievement The Lawrence Jaeger Award for Scholastic Achievement created by Lawrence Jaeger, a well-respected New York City Dermatologist and owner of Advanced Dermatology Associates will be presented at the awards and graduation ceremonies at Bronx
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