Dr. Lawrence Jaeger; NYC’s “Leading Dermatologist” has reformulated Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives.

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger; NYC’s “Leading Dermatologist” has reformulated Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives.

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Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives

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About Dr. Lawrence Jaeger:

As the founder and Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates, Dr. Larry Jaeger has devoted his professional life to the study, treatment, and prevention of skin disease. His 30 years of medical training and clinical experience treating severe dermatologic disorders inspired him to develop effective treatments that address the root cause, as well as the symptoms of common skin diseases. Initially prescribed exclusively for ADA patients and now widely available, these medical skin care products provide affordable, effective healing results for a variety of skin ailments. Dr. Jaeger’s jointly owned Prestige Healthcare Management Group, a widely respected Medical Management Company, was tasked with researching new product development and managing distribution.

Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives

Naturally Reformulated.

Newly revised Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives, Anti- Aging and Anti-Oxidant creams have been infused with unique elements such as caffeine, green tea polyphenols, herbal extracts, and polypeptides. The Retinol based skin smoothing products are proven to provide longer lasting results. Powerful medicated skin cleansers have also been reformulated with benzoyl peroxide, aloe vera gels, sulfur extracts and salicylic acid to promote faster healing and are more effective in treating infectedd pores. Sunscreen products, essential to healthy skin have been updated with an improved non-comedogenic base and higher concentrations of Parsol 1789 to protect large body areas.

Dr. Larry Jaeger owns and manages five treatment centers across New York City with four locations in The Bronx and one location on Central Park South in Midtown Manhattan. A great percentage of the Advanced Dermatology Associates practice is dedicated to serving medical dermatology patients suffering from a wide range of conditions from melanomas, shingles, acne and eczema. Many of Dr. Jaeger’s patients are indigent and have difficulty affording the expensive medications required to treat their conditions. With this in mind, Dr. Lawrence Jaeger also developed a line of prescriptive treatments tailored for this low income demographic. Following a business model of affordable office visits and treatment plans, Advanced Dermatology Associates has grown into the largest provider of quality dermatological care in Bronx County.


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