The Signs of Acne

The Signs of Acne

Who Gets Acne?

Teenagers might get the most attention for having acne, but this problem can affect adults as well. When it does, it can be especially devastating, as many people expect to have clear skin in adulthood. To get the help they need, an accurate diagnosis must first be made. A dermatologist can determine if the condition is acne based on a patienta��s symptoms and provide appropriate acne treatment for the skin issue.



The Signs of Acne:

Blemishes are perhaps the most common indication of acne. Some individuals may develop painful cysts that reside deep in the skin, while others experience unsightly but painless whiteheads and blackheads. Many people also get red, inflamed blemishes that they might mistake for skin rashes such as rosacea or eczema. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to seek the help of a dermatology professional to determine the true cause of their skin inflammation.

Scar Tissue
When skin inflammation temporarily subsides, it can leave behind damaged skin. As a result, scar tissue is another frequent outcome of acne. Should a person with acne try to extract their own blemishes or use other means to ease their inflammation, it can heighten the risk of future skin scarring. However, a dermatologist can use laser skin treatments to minimize the appearance of acne-related scar tissue.

Even when acne does not permanently alter the texture of the skin, it can still cause a persona��s complexion to exhibit areas of uneven tone. Regardless of a persona��s natural skin color, this symptom of acne can cause unwanted and unsightly cosmetic results. The sooner an individual with acne seeks treatment for it, the less likely that he will continue to suffer the damaging effects of it. With the help of a dermatologist, patients suffering from acne can learn about the causes of their condition and ways to minimize future outbreaks, including hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

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